Pocono Weekend

This weekend I spent my time with my Parents and Pop Pop in the Poconos. My parents have a house there and they usually go up every weekend. It is really relaxing and good times. This was my first time up since I been back from Oregon and it was a lot of fun. My Dad and I took the boat out on the lake yesterday to do some fishing. It was pretty windy so that didn’t help out with trying to steer our small boat. I was pretty stoked to take the boat out because the day before I didn’t get anything from the shore. This time I caught four fish (My dad ended up with zero!) when last time I didn’t catch anything which was a first all summer not catching anything. The fish I caught were two pike (I hate pike!) and two small mouth bass.

On the way back to the beach we dropped our boat in we ran out of battery. My Dad and I had to paddle the boat back in which took about a half hour when it should have taken five minutes. The lake we live by doesn’t allow gas boats so that is why we have a battery operated one.

Over all it was a fun relaxing day and weekend with the family.


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