NYC: Volcom 9191 Premier

This past Thursday I headed to New York City with Nick Sappio and Billy Keil to see the Volcom 9191 movie. We got to Staten Island early and took the ferry over to Manhattan to walk around and check some things out. The first thing we did was walk past the world center memorial that they were still working on. It is coming along pretty well it look likes. Then we headed down Broadway and stop at a lunch cart to get the famous NYC chicken gyro which was really good. From there found the Volcom store which was where the pizza party was.

When 8:00pm rolled around Nick, Billy, and I was ready for this to start. Right around8:30 everyone started to roll in. I meet Paulie from K2 Snowboards there. Right after that the pizza arrived and we destroyed it. While we were eating and hanging out I looked over to see Ross Phillips, Chris Beresford, and Scott Stevens which was a shock because they came down from Massachusetts to see the movie. I worked with all three at High Cascade this past summer. After a few beers and pizza we all headed over to the theater to finally watch 9191.

The movie is short but it was full with BANGERS! I will definitely recommend to go out and get 9191! You will not be disappointment and I promise that!

After the movie Billy, Nick and I meet up with Dom Luza and Jen Oleskowicz. We got some food and walked around some more. After all said and done as we were trying to get back to the ferry Nick, Billy, and I got lost but we did end up finding it an hour later.

Below is the photos from the day. I didn’t take that many photos when the event started but there is some from during the day.


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