Updates and Photos!

It is about time I updated my blog!

These past few weeks have been busy but super fun. Friday October 15th I was at Buckmans in King of Prussia, PA shooting Gretchen Bleiler for K2 Snowboarding. Buckmans had a “re-open” grand opening. They remodeled the shop and now is open year round. The shop looks great. Friday night we headed to the Fox and Hound for the after party. What a night. That night was so much fun! I ended up sleeping under the sink in the hotel room…Whoops!

The next day I headed to Salter’s Ski Shop with Paulie, AK, Charlie, and Gretchen so Paulie could them a clinic on the new K2 Snowboarding products. It was very interesting to see Paulie giving a clinic after partying til 5am and giving the clinic at 9am.

When the clinic was over Charlie, Gretchen, and I headed back to NJ to the shop I work at D&Q. Chalrie wanted to bring Gretchen by before she had to get onto her plan and to grab photo with Quigs and John.


Johnny D the snowboard buyer/deptartment manager with Gretchen

Bill Quigley one of the owners of D&Q with Gretchen

That Saturday night I headed up to NYC with D&Q crew for the Forum F It premier at the Red Bull Space. I didn’t bring my camera but I used Geoff’s camera and you can check out the post on DudeSoup from that  night. It was a crazy night.

This past weekend I went to my Pocono House to relax. Nick got me to come over to Camelback to check out the turfing they have there. Iwas very impressed it and worked well. Check out the post I did on DudeSoup from that day.

The season is almost here! Keep checking back as the season goes on for photos and stories!


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