The Season is Here!

The season  is finally here and in full effect. I started my work at Big Boulder last weekend and will be there every Thurs-Sunday until the end of the season. It is the best job I ever had, I get to ride and take photos for Boulder’s web and marketing ads. I am super excited about this season!

This next 11 days I will not be home in South Jersey. Tomorrow I head to Boulder until Saturday afternoon. I will then be heading to Hunter, NY to work a K2 Snowboarding Demo and that will go to Tuesday. On Wednesday I will be at Boulder again until Sunday night. The DC team will be in at Big Boulder the weekend of 17th, 18, and 20th.

It is going to be a busy 11 days but I am excited about it. I will try to keep everything updated on here when I get time. You can see my photos on Big Boulder PARK website from last weekend and the rest of the season. Make sure you head over there to check them out and come out and shred Boulder! It is so much fun there!

Also head over to It is a blog I am apart of with a bunch of other dudes in the snowboard industry. We have a few things lined up already with Random Photo Tuesdays and Hump Day Wednesday’s. I promise you will not be disappointment. Check out the facebook and follow us on there and spread the soup to all your friends on facebook!

That’s it for now, make sure you check back for updates.


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