It has been awhile

I know I been slacking on here. The past month has been pretty crazy.

Right after New Year’s from the 2nd-7th I headed to Killington, VT with a bunch of friends from High School  just to ride and no camera. It was pretty fun and felt good to get some full days of riding. From there I came back and went straight to Mountain Creek to help out Aaron Blatt with a photo shoot for their ad campaign. Blatt got the shot and from there we went to the Kink to have some beers. That lead to a long crazy night with Blatt, Beresford, Colson, Hard Bodies, Tanner McCarty, and myself.

Beresford and Colson checking out the set-up

Beresford dialing in the tranny

Since then I have been at Big Boulder taking photos and posting them to the site, It has been snowing just about everyday at Boulder area. I officially made the move up to Boulder for the rest of the season in mid January and have been able to get out and shoot everyday at Boulder or heading out finding spots to shoot. There are not that many good spots around Boulder/Stroudsburg area but we do have a few spots that are prime.

Guido, Trip, and I took a trip to Mount Snow on the 24th-26th to check out what they had going on up there. We were going to take some photos and make an edit for Peak Resorts but he snow was too good to stop riding.

Boulder is on point right now and been shooting non stop there for the web and events. Here are some photos from the past month below.

Nick Sappio finding tranny on the retaining wall next to Boulder PARK Lodge

Scott Kuchinski with a 7 over the third jump in Boulder PARK

Kyle Luza picking his nose ont he DC Wallride

Switch tailpress. Nick Sappio

Yes I know this is a skiing photo but Sean Jordan is the man!

As for getting street shots, I have been getting out whenever I can. I just got back from a trip down to Philly for the day yesterday. I headed down with Trip Brown and Luke Henning. We meet up with Dan Biundo, Adolfo Massari, and Tim Lyons. That was the best day so far as in getting the photos I wanted. We only hit two spots but got that one grade A photo.

Luke, Dan, Trip, and Tim after a long productive day in Philly

February is another busy month for me. I am pretty excited for everything this month. It is going to fly by just like January did. This weekend Eastern Snowboard League is at Boulder on Saturday. Next week I head to Stratton, VT to  help out K2 Snowboarding for the On-Snow demo. Then I come back and head straight to Easton, PA for the Drinky’s Rail Jam. That is just the first week and half of February. Check back for updates and photos from the events.


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