On-Snow Demo and Drinky’s Rail Jam

February started off pretty well so far. On the 7th I headed to Stratton with K2 Snowboarding to work the On-Snow demo. The demo went really well and all the retailers were stoked on the 2011/12 K2 boards, binding, and boots. On Wednesday night we hosted a Grenade party and what a night that was! I don’t have any photos from that night with me but once I get them I will post them up, but here are a few from the demo.

Dan and John turning some screws

AK, this man is a legend!

Chelsea keeping track out what goes out and comes back

Charlie showing the new Ollie-Bar

After the On-Snow demo I headed back to Big Boulder to meet up with the crew there. We then headed to Easton, PA for the Drinky’s Rail Jam. The event was awesome. There were a ton of people there and seems like the whole town shut down for the rail jam. After the rail jam the after party was right at Drinky’s Bar. We sent it that night for sure. What a great two weeks so far.

Product Toss!!

The people filling in

Tim Lyons

Elf with a one foot backflip

Louie with the nose press


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