February was a really busy month and it flew by. I had to shoot events every weekend at Big Boulder PARK and went out on rail missions during the week.

The month started off with the Eastern Snowboard League stop number two at Big Boulder PARK. The weather wasn’t on our side for this but it turned out to be really fun. With the rain and heavy fog the riders still sent it and made the best of it.

Alec Stackhouse with a method

Billy Keil took 1st for stop #2

The next weekend Big Boulder PARK hosted a rail jam at Drinkys Bar in Easton, PA. With Red Bull and many other sponsors, the rail jam was a huge event for being the first annual rail jam. The whole city seems like it got shut down for the event. The streets were packed with people and everyone was hyped on the fact that snowboarding was going down in their city. The after party was alittle crazy and super fun. Drinkys put on a epic time and big thanks to everyone from the bar for the hook up!

Packed house and the city of Easton shut down

Tim Lyons

With no events during the week I headed out for a few rail missions with Nick Sappio, Dom Luza, Kyle Luza, Jayell White, Louie Hanft, Peter Pape, and Trip Brown. Wasn’t the best missions but you can’t always win. We did find some prime spots but just need some more snow. We only got kicked out once and that was as soon we got set up. Yes it sucked but we will be back to get the shot with Nick Sappio! I can’t post that many photos from the missions but here are a few.

Kyle Luza strapping in

Nick Sappio dropping in

Dom Luza front board

Dom, Nick, Louie, Pete, Jayell, and Kyle

The third weekend the Red Bull Butter Cup came to Big Boulder PARK. The temps were in the 60’s and the sun was out. Ian Oliver and Johnny Lighting along with park crew set up a unique Butter Cup set up. It turned out really well and all the riders were stoked on the it., maybe a new standard for the Butter Cup? You can check out the recap on Snowboarder Mag website with my photos.

Adam Shuett under the sun set

Nick with a swith nose press

With almost no snow left out in the streets I just headed to Boulder to shoot during the week.

Trip and Billy checking the shot

Billy Keil

Adam taking it in before her drops into the DC Wallride

Mr. Schuett likes his fish stale and tweaked

I ended the month off shooting the Buckmans Boulder Bash at Big Boulder PARK. With $5,000 in purse prize all the kids came out. The course was on point and Johnny killed it again with the setup.

Peter Pape gapping to front board

Hard Bodies has something on his mind

Yes I know this was a long post. Alot went on this past month.

That’s all for now. Check back for more updates!


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