Philly Skate Session

On Thursday May 26th I went into the city (Philadelphia) to meet up with Alex Duncan and Adam Schutt and Kyle Luza and Fabrice Toussaint came down from Stroudsburg, PA to have a skate session. I always wanted to shoot skateboarding in Philly since I picked up a camera and started to shoot snowboarding. I grew up right outside the city and also knew Philly has a great skate scene. This was my first time shooting skateboarding. It is a lot different than shooting snowboarding, definitely harder to shoot. I like the challenge though. It was a sunny but super hot day in the city. All the guys still killed it.

We all meet up at FDR at 10am. FDR is the legendary and famous concrete park in Philly. Duncan has FDR on lock. He was killing it all morning.

Duncan with a nose pick at FDR

Duncan again. Crail Slide

Dunky killed this bowl corner

Nothing better than a classic Method. Alex Duncan.

Adam in one of the bowls at FDR

After FDR Duncan had to head to work and Kyle, Adam, Fabrice and I headed out to find some street spots. After going to a few different spots we found this pole jam next to a parking garage.

Adam Schutt

Kyle (KAL) destroyed this pole jam. I wanted to shoot this three differnt angles and Kal came through everytime. No Comply Pole Jam. My favorite shot from the day.

Overall it was a really fun day. I learned a lot and shooting skating is fun but changeling. Let me know what you think and how I did!

Here is something I messed around with and all three angles of Kyle’s No Comply Pole Jam.

Kyle Luza. Three different views.

There might be one more Philly session next week before I head out to Mt Hood, OR for my summer job.

Stay Tuned!


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