Surfing Irene

As you all know, the East Coast got hit with Hurricane Irene. Irene brought in some good waves and I headed to Asbury Park, NJ to meet up with Junior, Dan, Bistro, and others to get some shots of surfing. Asbury was one of very few or only town along the Jersey Shore that didn’t have to evacuate. There was a lot of people that rolled into town since they couldn’t go to any other spots along the shore. We went out Friday before Irene hit late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

The waves were at their best but from what I was told Asbury waves have been flat all summer. There were some epic swells that rolled after I left and after Irene past. I wish I had stuck around and went back to Asbury or any shore to get some photos.

This was only my second time surfing surfing. It was fun but it is so hard to tell who is who out in the water because everyone wear a black wetsuit. Hope you enjoy the photos!

I wish everyone the best that got flooded, power lost, or any other damage all along the East Coast. Hope everyone was safe is ok!

After a long surf session we headed to Parker House for dollar beers, house music, Bruce Springsteen cover band (if you didn’t know Bruce was from Asbury Park NJ), and just party Jersey Shore style. It was a awesome night. Don’t have any photos from that night but really wish I did. Mat Bistro, MVP.


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