WHOOPS!!! I haven’t been updating my blog! Well I’m back. The last post was in February and there has been some new things going on. This is a long one with a lot of photos!

The season at Big Boulder didn’t last much longer after February. The snow on the East was at a all time low, especially in Pennsylvania but we still made the best of it. Boulder had a few contest left and snowed once then rained right after.

Big Boulder hosted the Red Bull Butter Cup at Drinky’s Bar in Easton, PA. So many came out for the event and pretty sure the town shut down just for the Butter Cup. The after party was insane. I just leave it at that for the after party…

Peter Pape took it all at the Butter Cup.

The heaviest snow fall we had at Boulder then turned right to rain.

Matty B messing around with the new Joy Stick Boulder has.

Keep an eye out for this kid. Brooks is on the come up.

Buckmans hosted their Boulder Bash at Boulder again this year. Scott Kuchinski with the nose press.

Philly’s WMMR had its Cardboard Classic at Jack Frost. One of the crazy events and the most insane things people make out of cardboard. If you don’t get to Jack Frost before 9am you are parking AT LEAST a mile away. People are in the parking lot tailgating and every one has a beer in their hand b 9am.

All made out of Cardboard… no lie.

Pape with that nose press during the Jack Frost ONE Park Open to end the season at Frost.

The first week of March I headed to Stratton, VT for the 30th Burton US Open to shoot the event for EAST Snowboard Magazine. That was the first time I got to go to the Open and it was an awesome time. The whole week was a lot of fun, got to see friends, partied, and saw Method Man and Redman preform.

Guess who. So glad I got to the Open since it is the last time at Stratton after 30 years.

Burton US Open. Stratton, VT

After the Open I headed to Plymouth, NH to meet up with the rest of the crew to shoot LOON’s Last Call event. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make the event or make it out of Plymouth. That place is insane. Be prepared to rage if you ever go. Last Call was another event I haven’t been to before. LOON put together an awesome setup and event.

LOON’s Park Crew put together a awesome hip. Look at the method from Randall Stacy!

The winner of Last Call Nick Doucette.

After Last Call and the weekend partying in Plymouth I made it back to Boulder for their last two weekends.

Tom Bennett with that front blunt.

One last day at Boulder. Kyle Luza wallie back one.

Once Boulder closed on March 24th I packed everything up and headed back home to South Jersey. It was good to see family and be home for the first time since Christmas. The next weekend LOON hosted a new contest call Street Cred that Red Bull, Forum, and Oakley put together to end the season. I packed up my gear and headed to North Jersey to meet up with the crew then cruised north to Plymouth, NH. Once we got to LOON to see the set up we were hyped we made the drive up for the event. LOON never disappoints.

Mikey P was really out there.

Eugene Stancato taking it to the top of the Red Bull wall ride.

While we were at LOON we did a little photo gallery for EAST.

Jonny O’Connor taps the close out pole.

LOON would be the last time on a snowboard until Mt. Hood. Once I got home I got to hang with the family and friends. I had time to relax until I flew out to Salt Lake City, UT to hang with some friends. I spent most of my time working on EAST and partying in Philly before leaving for Utah. Once I got to SLC I headed south with Blatt to meet up with a few of his friends to go camping and mountain biking in Moab, UT. Moab is crazy and saw a lot of new things which was pretty cool.

Our camp spot in Moab, UT.

At the top of the bike trail getting ready to head out.

Found this little guy while on the bike ride.

The bike trail ran along the top of this cliff. Don’t Fall.

One of the MANY views of the desert below us.

After the week in Utah I got in Blatt’s truck and headed to Government Camp, OR on May 31st to start my again at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. This is my third  year working at HCSC and feels like I never left. Check back for the 1st session photo recap and all summer long for a recap of each session!

To check out more photos from the events I shot this past season head over to www.eastsnowboardmag.com.


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