Session 5

Session 5 was insane. A lot of friends were in town for Bode, Grendy, Burtner, and Scotts session. We did a lot of partying and had an awesome time. Bode held the first annual Merrill Minipipe Invitational and that was one of the funnest contest I have seen. I hope Session 6 is as fun as Session 5 was!

Duces Wild

Gigi blasting a method in the minipipe for the Merrill Minipipe Invitational

Just the tip. Blatt


Ian Hart back 5 over the cat track

Another angle of the Ian over the cat track


Johnny Brady

One footed michael chuck. Bode Merrill

Andrew Aldridge

Back One Japan. Aldridge

Johnny Brady

Shane Wright

Shane Wright.

Proper method from Johnny Brady

Mt Jefferson

Jed Anderson

Bode was getting wild all session

Brandon Reis

Gigi and Scott in the minipipe


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