Hurricane Sandy Photos

As all of you know Hurricane Sandy took out a lot of the Jersey Shore and NY. Luckily in South Jersey we made out pretty well. I didn’t lose power at my house but most people did in Jersey and NY. The morning after the storm I headed down to Atlantic City to try to get some photos of the aftermath but no one could get on any of the barrier islands in Jersey. So I drove around Pleasantville which is right before AC on the bay. Seeing some of the things I saw made think how lucky we actually were that some of us didn’t get hit as hard. A lot people were saying Sandy wasn’t anything and wanted a better storm. Be careful what you ask for. Some of the homes I saw were gone and families left with nothing. If I get a chance to get onto any of the barrier islands I will take some photos and post them. As of now, no one can get on the islands unless you have prove of residency. Also remember while looking at these photos, the homes on the Shore are far worse with 4 feet of sand in their houses and streets with a lot more issues.  Here are some of the photos from Sandy on the mainland. The black and white photos were shot with my Canon AE1 and others were with my Nikon.

If you want to help those in need find out how to donate to the American Red Cross here.

One of the house on the bay in Pleasantville, NJ. The home owner trying to keep it together and is flying the American Flag.

People looking at the aftermath. Pleasantville, NJ

Three house on the bay in Somers Point all boarded up with parts of docks in their yard.

Parts of a dock in someones backyard

Somers Point, NJ

No idea where this boat came from. The bay is over 200 yards away in the background. Pleasantville, NJ

Pleasantville, NJ

Flooded basement. Somers Point, NJ

Newspaper Stands. Somers Point, NJ

Pleasantville, NJ. No money inside.

One of the boats that was in the marina down the street. Pleasantville, NJ

One of the docks from the marina in the background. Pleasantville, NJ

A dock rest on the corner in Pleasantville, NJ

Four pats of a dock now in someones backyard. Somers Point, NJ

One of the shacks by the bay in Pleasantville, NJ

Pleasantville, NJ

Pleasantville, NJ

For Sale sign lasted through the high floods and winds. Pleasantville, NJ

One of the houses on the bay in Pleasantville, NJ. This the front of the house. The backside of the house was not there…

The house on the bay in Pleasantville, NJ

One of the house on the bay in Pleasantville, NJ

Pleasantville looking over to Atlantic City

Pleasantville, NJ

Pleasantville, NJ

A boat that was in the bay which is to the left that is now in this persons front yard. Pleasantville, NJ

Another view. Pleasantville, NJ

Yes that is a upstair to a house in the middle of the street. The other half of the house was to the right in the neighbors backyard. Pleasantville, NJ

Pleasantville, NJ

One of the house on the bay in Pleasantville, NJ


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