Crazy Winter

I have been slacking on posting on here but also have been super busy. This winter has been a crazy one with no snow falling so I have been shooting some contest for Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and Snowboarder Mag. On top of that I have been busy with getting EAST Snowboard Mag going and getting content.

The season started off good with a storm that brought over a foot of snow to North Jersey. I headed up to Matty B’s house and went out to try to get some shots for EAST. At that point we all thought we were going to have a awesome season like the past two years but that didn’t happen. Fingers are still crossed for some more snow.

Our first issue EAST released December 5th and it surprised all of us on how many views and hype it got. It is a lot of fun having a magazine and learning and seeing how it all comes together. We are working on the next issue now that will look like it will be released March 1st.

I have been living in Pocono Lake, PA working at Big Boulder taking photos for their website and marketing. Shooting for Boulder is fun, I get to ride with my friends and shoot with them.

Since their is no snow I have been shooting some contest. Transworld brought me on to shoot the two east coast stops of the TransAM at Waterville Valley, NH and Mountain Creek, NJ. Being on those stops was a lot of fun and the crew was awesome. In between the two stops I headed over to Seven Springs with a crew to shooting the opening of The Streets. If you haven’t checked or heard what Seven Springs is doing then you need to check it out. We will have a feature in the next issue of EAST about The Streets. I also shot the Snowboarder Mag Superpass at Mountain Creek for Snowboarder Mag this past Sunday.

Over all this winter I have keeping myself busy and trying to get the best out of it. Keep an eye out for the next issue of EAST Snowboard Mag. Below is a gallery of photos from this season. You can also check out more photos and contest on


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